• Recent preprints

    1. R. Zapién-Campos, F. Bansept and A. Traulsen
      Inferring interactions from microbiome data
      bioRxiv (2023) |
    2. C. Morison, M. Fic, T. Marcou, J. Mohamadichamgavi, J. Redondo Antón, G. Sayyar, A. Stein, F. Bastian, H. Krakovská, N. Krishnan, D. Pires, M. R. Satouri, F. J. Thomsen, K. Tjikundi and W. Ali
      Public Goods Games in Disease Evolution and Spread
      arXiv (2024) |
    3. N. Puzović and J. Y. Dutheil
      When is gene expression noise advantageous?
      bioRxiv (2023) |
  • 2024

    1. Z. Khomarbaghi, W. Y. Ngan, G. B. Ayan, S. Lim, G. Dechow-Seligmann, P. Nandy and J. Gallie
      Large-scale duplication events underpin population-level flexibility in tRNA gene copy number in Pseudomonas fluorescens SBW25
      Nucleic Acids Research 52, 2446-2462 (2024) |
    2. E. Mallmin, A. Traulsen and S. De Monte
      Chaotic turnover of rare and abundant species in a strongly interacting model community
      Proceedings of the National Academy of Sciences 121, e2312822121 (2024) |
    3. J. Zimmermann, A. Piecyk, M. Sieber, C. Petersen, J. Johnke, L. Moitinho-Silva, S. Kuenzel, L. Bluhm, A. Traulsen, C. Kaleta and H. Schulenburg
      Gut-associated functions are favored during microbiome assembly across a major part of C. elegans life
      mBio , in press (2024)
    4. I. Dewan and H. Uecker
      Is the distribution of plasmid lengths bimodal?
      Plasmid 129, 102721 (2024) |
    5. V. R. Venkateswaran, C. S. Gokhale, M. Mangel and S. Eliassen
      Effects of time spent in pregnancy or brooding on immunocompetence
      Ecology and Evolution 14, e10764 (2024) |
    6. J. Y. Dutheil, D. Hamidi and B. Pajot
      The Site/Group Extended Data format and tools
      Genome Biology and Evolution 16, evae011 (2024) |
    7. A. O. Leon, E. Berríos-Caro, A. León and M. G. Clerc
      Faraday kinks connecting parametric waves in magnetic wires
      Communications in Nonlinear Science and Numerical Simulation 131, 107841 (2024) |
  • 2023

    1. C. M. Saad-Roy and A. Traulsen
      Dynamics in a behavioral-epidemiological model for individual adherence to a nonpharmaceutical intervention
      Proceedings of the National Academy of Sciences 120, e2311584120 (2023) |
    2. S. Shah, L. M. Philipp, S. Giaimo, S. Sebens, A. Traulsen and M. Raatz
      Understanding and leveraging phenotypic plasticity during metastasis formation
      npj Systems Biology and Applications 9, 48 (2023) |
    3. H. Goehlich, O. Roth, M. Sieber, C. M. Chibani, A. Poehlein, J. Rajkov, H. Liesegang and C. C. Wendling
      Sub-optimal environmental conditions prolong phage epidemics in bacterial populations
      Molecular Ecology , in press (2023) |
    4. N. Sharma, S. Yagoobi and A. Traulsen
      Self-loops in Evolutionary Graph Theory: Friends or Foes?
      PLoS Computational Biology 19, e1011387 (2023) |
    5. A. Traulsen, S. A. Levin and C. M. Saad-Roy
      Individual costs and societal benefits of interventions during the COVID-19 pandemic
      Proceedings of the National Academy of Sciences 120, e2303546120 (2023) |
    6. M. Raatz and A. Traulsen
      Promoting extinction or minimizing growth? The impact of treatment on trait trajectories in evolving populations
      Evolution 77, 1408-1421 (2023) |
    7. S. Giaimo and A. Traulsen
      Generation time in stage-structured populations under fluctuating environments
      The American Naturalist 201, 404-417 (2023) |
    8. P. Verma, R. G. Reeves, S. Simon, M. Otto and C. S. Gokhale
      The effect of mating complexity on gene drive dynamics
      The American Naturalist 201, E1-E22 (2023) |
    9. P. K. Raval, W. Y. Ngan, J. Gallie and D. Agashe
      The layered costs and benefits of translational redundancy
      eLife 12, e81005 (2023)
    10. P. T. van der Gulik, M. Egas, K. Kraaijeveld, N. Dombrowski, A. T. Groot, A. Spang, W. D. Hoff and J. Gallie
      On distinguishing between canonical tRNA genes and tRNA gene fragments in prokaryotes
      RNA Biology 20, 48-58 (2023) |
    11. S. Yagoobi, N. Sharma and A. Traulsen
      Categorizing update mechanisms for graph-structured metapopulations
      Journal of the Royal Society Interface 20, 20220769 (2023) |
    12. K. Y. Han, L. Kröger, F. Buchholz, I. Dewan, M. Quaas, H. Schulenburg and T. B. Reusch
      The economics of microbiodiversity
      Ecological Economics 204, Part A (2023) |
    13. M. A. Ramirez, M. Smerlak, A. Traulsen and J. Jost
      Diversity enables the jump towards cooperation for the Traveler's Dilemma
      Scientific Reports 13, 1441 (2023) |
    14. C. Nyhoegen and H. Uecker
      Sequential antibiotic therapy in the laboratory and in the patient
      Journal of the Royal Society Interface 20, 20220793 (2023) |
    15. A. Traulsen and N. Glynatsi
      The future of theoretical evolutionary game theory
      Philosophical Transactions of the Royal Society B 378, 20210508 (2023) |
    16. G. J. Kimmel, R. J. Beck, X. Yu, T. Veith, S. Bakhoum, P. M. Altrock and N. Andor
      Intra-tumor heterogeneity, turnover rate and karyotype space shape susceptibility to missegregation-induced extinction
      PLOS Computational Biology 19, e1010815 (2023) |
    17. S. Giaimo
      On two conjectures about perturbations of the stochastic growth rate
      Australian & New Zealand Journal of Statistics 65, 1-13 (2023) |
    18. Y. Ma, J. He, M. Sieber, J. von Frieling, I. Bruchhaus, J. F. Baines, U. Bickmeyer and T. Roeder
      The microbiome of the marine flatworm Macrostomum lignano provides fitness advantages and exhibits circadian rhythmicity
      Communications Biology 6, 289 (2023) |
    19. D. Hoces, G. Greter, M. Arnoldini, M. L. Stäubli, C. Moresi, A. Sintsova, S. Berent, I. Kolinko, F. Bansept, A. Woller, J. Häfliger, E. Martens, W. D. Hardt, S. Sunagawa, C. Loverdo and E. Slack
      Fitness advantage of Bacteroides thetaiotaomicron capsular polysaccharide in the mouse gut depends on the resident microbiota
      eLife 12, e81212 (2023)
    20. J. Fraboul, G. Biroli and S. De Monte
      Artificial selection of communities drives the emergence of structured interactions
      Journal of Theoretical Biology 571, 111557 (2023)
    21. T. N. Sherratt, I. Dewan and J. Skelhorn
      The optimal time to approach an unfamiliar object: a Bayesian model
      Behavioral Ecology , arad032 (2023) |
    22. I. Dewan and H. Uecker
      A mathematician’s guide to plasmids: an introduction to plasmid biology for modellers
      Microbiology 169, 001362 (2023)
    23. D. Lauenroth and C. S. Gokhale
      Theoretical assessment of persistence and adaptation in weeds with complex life cycles
      Nature Plants 9, 1267-1279 (2023) |
    24. N. Obeng, A. Czerwinski, D. Schütz, J. Michels, J. Leipert, F. Bansept, M. J. García García, T. Schultheiss, M. Kemlein, J. Fuß, A. Tholey, A. Traulsen, H. Sondermann and H. Schulenburg
      Bacterial c-di-GMP has a key role in establishing host–microbe symbiosis
      Nature Microbiology 8, 1809–1819 (2023) |
    25. C. S. Gokhale and N. Sharma
      Optimizing crop rotations via Parrondo's paradox for sustainable agriculture
      Royal Society Open Science 10, 221401 (2023) |
  • 2022

    1. R. Zapién-Campos, F. Bansept, M. Sieber and A. Traulsen
      On the effect of inheritance of microbes in commensal microbiomes
      BMC Ecology and Evolution 22 (2022) |
    2. Y. Gao, Y. Pichugin, C. S. Gokhale and A. Traulsen
      Evolution of reproductive strategies in incipient multicellularity
      Journal of The Royal Society Interface 19 (2022) |
    3. F. Geoffroy, A. Traulsen and H. Uecker
      Vaccination strategies when vaccines are scarce: on conflicts between reducing the burden and avoiding the evolution of escape mutants
      Journal of The Royal Society Interface 19 (2022) |
    4. G. Lobinska, A. Pauzner, A. Traulsen, Y. Pilpel and M. A. Nowak
      Evolution of resistance to COVID-19 vaccination with dynamic social distancing
      Nature Human Behaviour 6, 193-206 (2022) |
    5. Y. Pichugin and A. Traulsen
      The possible modes of microbial reproduction are fundamentally restricted by distribution of mass between parent and offspring
      Proceedings of the National Academy of Sciences 119, e2122197119 (2022) |
    6. A. Traulsen, C. S. Gokhale, S. Shah and H. Uecker
      The Covid-19 pandemic: Basic insights from basic mathematical models
      Nova Acta Leopoldina 2022 (2022) |
    7. R. Zapién-Campos, M. Sieber and A. Traulsen
      The effect of microbial selection on the occurrence-abundance patterns of microbiomes
      Journal of The Royal Society Interface 19, 20210717 (2022) |
    8. S. Giaimo and A. Traulsen
      The selection force weakens with age because ageing evolves and not vice versa
      Nature Communications 13, 686 (2022) |
    9. P. Nandy
      The role of sigma factor competition in bacterial adaptation under prolonged starvation
      Microbiology 168 (2022) |
    10. N. Sharma and A. Traulsen
      Suppressors of fixation can increase average fitness beyond amplifiers of selection
      Proceedings of the National Academy of Sciences 119, e2205424119 (2022) |
    11. V. Ress, A. Traulsen and Y. Pichugin
      Eco-evolutionary dynamics of clonal multicellular life cycles
      Elife 11, e78822 (2022) |
    12. A. K. Fahimipour, F. Zeng, M. Homer, A. Traulsen, S. A. Levin and T. Gross
      Sharp thresholds limit the benefit of defector avoidance in cooperation on networks
      Proceedings of the National Academy of Sciences 119, e2120120119 (2022) |
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      Blood Cancer Discovery (AACR) 3, 536-553 (2022)
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      Collective narratives catalyse cooperation
      Humanities and Social Sciences Communications 9, 85 (2022) |
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      Evolutionary flexibility in routes to mat formation by Pseudomonas
      Molecular Microbiology 117, 394-410 (2022) |
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      Fixation dynamics of beneficial alleles in prokaryotic polyploid chromosomes and plasmids
      Genetics 222, iyac121 (2022) |
    18. C. Pansch, M. Raatz, S. Comeau, T. T. Y. Hui, and C. E. Cornwall
      Influence of environmental variability on climate change impacts in marine ecosystems
      Frontiers in Marine Science 9, 994756 (2022)
    19. A. de Azevedo-Lopes, R. A. Almeida, P. M. C. de Oliveira and J. J. Arenzon
      Energy-lowering and constant-energy spin flips: Emergence of the percolating cluster in the kinetic Ising model
      Physical Review E 106, 044105 (2022) |
    20. S. Giaimo and A. Traulsen
      Age-specific sensitivity analysis of transient, stable and stochastic growth for stage-classified populations
      Ecology and Evolution 12, e9561 (2022) |
    21. E. Mallmin
      Comments on: “Every variance function ... can be produced by any location-scale family ...”
      Theoretical Ecology 15, 283-284 (2022) |
    22. S. Giaimo
      Selection on age-specific survival: Constant versus fluctuating environment
      Theoretical Population Biology 145, 136-149 (2022) |
    23. V. Ress, A. Traulsen and Y. Pichugin
      Eco-evolutionary dynamics of clonal multicellular life cycles
      Elife 11, e78822 (2022)
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      Dynamic proteome allocation regulates the profile of interaction of auxotrophic bacterial consortia
      Royal Society Open Science 9, 212008 (2022) |
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      Higher phage virulence accelerates the evolution of host resistance
      Proceedings of the Royal Society B 289, 20221070 (2022) |
  • 2021

    1. P. Verma, R. G. Reeves and C. S. Gokhale
      A common gene drive language eases regulatory process and eco-evolutionary extensions
      BMC Ecology and Evolution 21, 156 (2021) |
    2. H. Uecker and S. Bonhoeffer
      Antibiotic treatment protocols revisited: The challenges of a conclusive assessment by mathematical modeling
      Journal of The Royal Society Interface 18, doi: (2021) |
    3. P. Czuppon and A. Traulsen
      Understanding evolutionary and ecological dynamics using a continuum limit
      Ecology and Evolution 11, 5857-5873 (2021) |
    4. M. Raatz, S. Shah, G. Chitadze, M. Brüggemann and A. Traulsen
      The impact of phenotypic heterogeneity of tumour cells on treatment and relapse dynamics
      PLoS Computational Biology 17, e1008702 (2021) |
    5. M. Sieber, A. Traulsen, H. Schulenburg and A. E. Douglas
      On the evolutionary origins of host-microbe associations
      Proceedings of the National Academy of Sciences 118, e2016487118 (2021) |
    6. S. Yagoobi and A. Traulsen
      Fixation probabilities in network structured meta-populations
      Scientific Reports 11, 1-9 (2021) |
    7. J. W. Lightfood, M. Dardiry, A. Kalirad, S. Giaimo, G. Eberhard, H. Witte, M. Wilecki, C. Roedelsperger, A. Traulsen and R. J. Sommer
      Sex or cannibalism: Polyphenism and kin recognition control social action strategies in nematodes
      Science Advances 7, 35 (2021) |
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      Modeling host-associating microbes under selection
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      Applying symmetries of elasticities in matrix population models
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      Simultaneous recording of filtration and respiration in marine organisms in response to short-term environmental variability
      Limnology and Oceanography: Methods 19, 196-209 (2021) |
  • 2020

    1. H. Schenk, H. Schulenburg and A. Traulsen
      How long do Red Queen dynamics survive under genetic drift? A comparative analysis of evolutionary and eco-evolutionary models
      BMC Evolutionary Biology 20, (2020) |
    2. M. Bargués-Ribera and C. S. Gokhale
      Eco-evolutionary agriculture: Host-pathogen dynamics in crop rotations
      PLoS Computational Biology 16, e1007546 (2020) |
    3. J. A. Denton and C. S. Gokhale
      Promoting Synthetic Symbiosis under Environmental Disturbances
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      How sequence populations persist inside a genome
      Genetics 217 (2020) |
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      How strategy environment and wealth shape altruistic behaviour: cooperation rules affecting wealth distribution in dynamic networks
      Proceedings of the Royal Society B: Biological Sciences 287 (2020) |
  • 2019

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      Population size changes and extinction risk of populations driven by mutant interactors
      Phys. Rev. E 99, 022305 (2019) |
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      Functions of the microbiota for the physiology of animal metaorganisms
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      Ecological feedback on diffusion dynamics
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      Exploring and mapping the universe of evolutionary graphs identifies structural properties affecting fixation probability and time
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  • 2018

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  • 2017

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